"Snuggly Comfortable - Uggs cannot be beat! They feel fantastic and look great. The ug boots are replacing a pair I wore out last year! One word of caution as Uggs get broken in the hair mats down and so they get roomier on the inside...so I always like a pretty snug fit when they are fresh out of the box! "



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Looking for the classic short, tall, mini, cardy boots? Well the christmas season is here so it will be really hard to find them but you will find the most updated links to online stores here who have the Ugg brand boots in stock.

The Ugg boots, which can also be spelled Ug and Ugh, depending on where you look, are boots that are lined with sheepskin. They have been around for over 200 years; however they only started becoming popular in the United States in the year 2000.

As you have probably already figured out, uggs is a term that can stand for ugly, in fact the word ug is actually an Aussie slang for ugly. However, though these shoes are not at all great to look at all they do a great job of making up for it in comfort.

Ugg boots are made from sheepskin, which makes them really soft. These boots are form fitting so that they are snug around your feet this makes the fit is closer to feeling like you are wearing a sock rather than shoes, however, Ugg boots are still good shoes to use when you are going to be outdoors.

In the year of 2003, the Uggs boots quickly became the big thing of the year. When the holidays came around, the Ugg boots sold out everywhere. Everyone was in a rush to get them; famous people showed them off continuing to increase their popularity, there were even raps for the little chestnut ankle high Ugg boots.

Today, you can still find several different fashions of Ugg boots. Even today there are a wide range of celebrities that sport the comfy Uggs.In the past, these boots were used for those ties when the weather was cold, but now people find that they can feel comfortable with them no matter what time of year it is. During the winter months, Uggs trap body heat too help keep the feet warm, while in the spring and summer when the temperatures are up, the fibers in Ugh boots work to keep the sweat away from the feet which helps to keep a persons feet dry and cooler.

As time goes on and more people begin to accept Uggs online despite their ugly bulky and dull appearances, more designs are created to find a way around this. These designs work to keep the comfortable benefits of the boots, including the warmth felt in the cold days, and the warm summer days that we are all so fond of.

However, some of the new Ugg boot designs are not to improve the looks. Some of them are to improve the comfort of wearing them. For instances, some designs use a thicker fleece. This not only helps to keep your feet warmer in the winter, but also increases the air circulation during the summer to help keep your feet a little cooler. Another design is a thicker sole, or replaceable sole, to help make the Uggs boots more durable and better for outside use, and other designs to make the boots over all tougher for active sports wear.

With ug boots, there are two main types. Both high and low cut boots. The high ones cover more of your legs and keep more of your legs warm, and the low ones focus on your feet, but have better air circulation during the summer.